Yukarı Çık

Green Buildings


Our services include:
Building performance analysis

  • Dynamic energy analysis : whole-building energy analysis are performed through comprehensive building modelling tools to predict building operational energy performance. Thermal comfort analysis are also carried out to check if the design solutions are capable of providing required comfort conditions.
  • Daylight analysis: daylighting potential of the building is investigated through advanced simulation techniques together with user visual comfort.
  • Renewable energy analysis: on-site energy generation potential is investigated through energy modelling and consultancy is provided on integration of renewable systems into building environment.
  • Life cycle cost analysis: Financial analysis are performed to properly compare economic performance of different energy efficiency measure in the long run.
  • Environmental performance assessment: Building CO2 footprint is calculated including embodied energy used in building sturcuture and building systems. Darbon reduction strategies are developed and recomendations are given on environmental materials.
  • Building optimization: Cost-optimal building design strategies are investigated through mathametical optimization techniques. The recommendation on best combination of building form and orientation, building envelope materials, shading strategies, HVAC equipment, lighting system and control and renewable integration are provided.

Building certification

  • Energy analysis accoring to the green building certification schemes including LEED, BREEAM and country-specific rating systems are carried out.
  • Documentation needed to qualify for energy credits in certification programs are provided

Education and training

  • Training courses are offered on a variety of issued including passive solar building design, energy modelling, cost-optimal energy efficiency, energy standards and energy chapters of green building certification schemes.