Yukarı Çık

Interior Design

Container Me Space

Tiny house container design in Jumeirah...'Me Space' solutions allows the individuals to spend quality time at their garden with the off grid system. Gardens can turn into your own get away space with unique, eco friendly, various design options. Tiny houses can be a meditation spot, a studying zone, a kids playground or simply whatever you dream of.

Her Saloon

Reconnect with your inner feminine beauty within.

A void to connect purity of nature with feminine souls. Earthy and natural tones are connected with flowing geometry and textures . Like the soil, like the water and wind, women have the ability of receptivity and fruitfulness when the body and mind is balanced. Her Saloon aimed to awake and indulge the senses for harmonious state of mind while getting pampered.

Villa in Dubai

A hotel themed villa design at Arabian Ranches II. Typical villa is designed and fit out works are completed. Natural and modern elements are combined with metal and wood. Outdoor garden is welcomed to inside with folding doors on the ground floor. Textures and combination of colors are bold and simple. Tiles, bathroom fittings and kitchen are reconstructed with marble tiles and white base color doors and cabinets. Have the feeling of getting away when you step in to your home everyday.