Yukarı Çık


Salam Yiti TownHouses

Townhouse residential community is developed around 'village' where street activities can be taken between the clustered buildings and water features. Like the wadis of Oman, it has a dynamic geometry and surprises the users.

Neighborhood Design for Competition

The competition is aimed to encourage the architects and urban planners to design the forgotten neighborhoods in existing old cities. Troy (Canakkale) is chosen to travel back in time by connecting the city with semi open castle walls while giving opportunity to expand to the new areas by modern farming and production activities.

Marina Penthouse Terrace Design

High floor penthouse terrace in Dubai Marina is designed and built with modern Moroccan theme. The water feature has its own traditional touch and it's connected with the pink flowers in ceramic blue pots, geometric and earthy elements on the floor. Artificial grass and stones will keep its fresh spring look all over the year. At night, lanterns and dim lights will make the family and friends get together with campfire feeling.