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Virtual Reality For Healing

Seeing is believing most of the time. What if a patient's life depends on how much trust she/he builds about the healing process during a treatment? Today with virtual reality technology one can actually see how the cells and organs are getting transformed. Imagine a cancer patient is seeing the cells are glowing with healing energy while having radiotherapy or someone who will have a serious operation can see how the process will be carried on and how quick the recovering will be. It might significantly reduce the time of healing and can prevent one from extra doses of radioactive rays or medicine.

This for sure needs a comprehensive approach to health. Being healthy is a medallion with two faces: Body and mind... Both can't exist without the other and they both in constant connection all the time. If we neglect one of them, other will suffer. This is a fact that is accepted with most of the health authorities today. Healing is a process of getting back to 'ease' stage from 'dis-ease'. Ease stage can't exist without a balanced mind which is the fertile soil for all positive thoughts to bloom. To structure such permanent state of mind can take long time for some people and it can be much easier and achievable in shorter time. Perhaps habits and life style play an important role. The patients especially who need instant positive approach for healing may not have time for years to build a solid state of mind.

Virtual reality technology allows us to make miraculous impact by simply making the patients watch the movie of healing in their bodies so the illustrated and animated art and modern medicine can work hand by hand to save one's life.

Innovative health organizations and hospitals will be outstanding in the future that will bring this holistic but scientific approach to their patients. Our organization generates custom tailored themes for individual cases with doctors and serves aesthetic and informative visuals to the people during the treatment. Please let us know your story and we will generate customized VR tools for your organization and patients.